Hearing Aid Types
Invisible In Canal
Completely In Canal
Mini Canal
Half Shell
Behind The Ear
Power BTE
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Whilst some hearing aids fit most hearing loses, it isnt always the case.

There are some loses, some ears and some patients that require a system with specific attributes. 

Custom Made In The Ear (ITE)

recharegeble custom made ITE heaing aids

As well as EVERY make and model of battery operated custom made hearing aid, All Ears offers the world's ONLY rechargeable in the ear hearing aid in 3 different sizes and colours.

mild to severe losses

battery or rechargeable

from invisible to full size

Receiver in Canal / Receiver in the Ear

All type of receiver in the ear hearing aids

Different styles, makes and power levels make this the most popular and reiable aid type on the market today. All Ears has access to EVERY make and model available.

mild to severe loss

battery or rechargeable

standard and mini size

Behind The Ear

All types of behind the ear hearing aids

Designed for power performance and easy handling the BTE market is smaller than the other aid types but yet the perfect solution for those with a greater need for volume and clarity. 

mild to servere to profound losses

battery or rechargeable

medium and larger size

Specialist Devices

specialist hearing aids spectacle worn

For some hearing losses we have to go into the highly specialised market. Don't worry though because All Ears are experienced in fitting EVERY aid type on the UK market

Air conduction

Bone conduction

Optical expertise on hand for glazing

Noise Protection

noise and hearing protection

Sometimes it isn't about getting more sound, its about getting less. Whether it's industrial noise, shooting or just the other half's snoring, All Ears can supply the hearing protection you need.

passive or active circuitry

custom made or modular fit

From the UK's leading manfacturers

receiver in the ear hearing aid
correctly fitted RIC hearing aid
rechareable RIC hearing aids
mini RIC size 10 hearing aid


Receiver in Canal or RIC is the most common device fitted in the UK today. it also goes by other names - Receiver in (the) Ear, RIE/RITE, but whatever the name the technology is similar and differs from the NHS aids in that the speaker (receiver) is placed in the ear canal so it can deliver the sound directly to the eardrum as nature intended.

This retains the valuable information lost as the sound travels down the tubing, especially thin tubing, of a BTE aid. 

Although most are the same size as each other All Ears Hearing can also supply a mini RIC which gives a great balance of practicality and a discreet fit.

Rechaergeable BTE hearing aid
correctly fitted BTE hearing aid
different sizes and powers of BTE heairng aid
BTE hearing aid on mould and standard tubing

Behind the Ear devices might look similar to the RIC shown above but use a tube a to deliver the sound to the ear canal.

Typically we use a BTE where we require additional power and locate the tubing in the ear using a custom made earmould. 

Since RICs are so versatile, we would not normally consider a smaller BTE (NHS style) device unless there is a specific underlying problem that necessitates such a fit, so these aids are far less common than they used to be.

Recharegable, standard and power BTEs available.


Custom made to fit the indivual ear, In the Ear hearing aids are still a popular option for some users.

The key advantage is that there are no electronics on top of the ear and so no interference with glasses, hats or face masks.

The compact form of the ITE makes fitting easier for some users, especially where dexterity is a problem.

They come in various sizes according to ear shape and hearing loss requirements.

All Ears Hearing has every make and model available including the world's only rechargeable custom made hearing aids - the Starkey Livio.

rechareable custom ITE hearing aid
correctly fitted ITC hearing aid
correctly fitted CIC hearing aid
custom made rechargeable hearing aid
full shell ITE hearing aid