Hearing Tests

Hearing Consultations


A hearing consultation can take many forms. In most cases you will receive a professional service from whichever Audiologist you see regarding your hearing; but not all hearing consultations are the same.

There are various levels of consultation however you can rest assured that at All Ears Hearing you will receive a thorough examination before having your hearing aids prescribed.


All consultations should involve an in depth conversation establishing a health background which will give insight not only into the cause of the hearing difficulties, but also into the future deterioration. A vital piece of information when considering how much power to prescribe. 
The conversation will explore your hearing lifestyle, how your day to day life is affected by your hearing loss, and very importantly how the lives of those you interact with are affected.

Those around you often have as good, if not a greater insight into your hearing, and their input can have a major and positive affect on the final prescription. 

It is for this reason it is vital that someone who experiences and understands your hearing loss is available to attend the consultation.

This is usually a close family member, the person who complains about your hearing the most!

They are the person who has to repeat things to you, or tell you what they just said on the television.


Careful checking of your ears and ear canals reveals not only whether there is wax present and the health of the ear drum, but the shape and direction of your ear canal, the texture of the ear and its suitability for certain hearing aid types.


Specific test procedures mandatory in our profession. We will ensure they are carried out to ascertain the severity of hearing loss at the specific frequencies as it forms the basis of your Audiologist’s choice of power and effects the instrument’s style. Audiometry can be basic or fully diagnostic, given every possible insight into the understanding the hearing loss. All Ears Hearing only follow the British Society of Audiologists’ recommended procedures, which will be fully explained at the time of the consultation.


It is important you fully understand our findings and can make informed decisions so everything  will be explained in plain simple language. We will cover why certain things are happening, why specific environments cause you more problems than others  and what can be done to help.


We will then demonstrate technology to suit your hearing loss and explain what solutions are available, how each will help and given clear and concise advice on the features and benefits of certain systems and how they relate to your specific concerns, before discussing your options.


Unlike just about every one of our competitors we not only have the full range of every hearing aid manufacturer at our disposal, we will also consider and discuss all of the options available to ensure we fit the right product to suit YOU not the accountants!!